That dream takes the cake!!

Okay so I know we all have weird dreams while we are quitting, but last night I dreamt I was being made into a cake :eek: ?? Crumbs!! :D And I also woke up in the small hours feeling as if my knees were jumping or something, and had to cycle my legs for ages to get back to normal. Very weird if you ask me. Oh well, having a good day 4 and nicotine free now too, yeaahh :D

Zoe xx

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  • Thanks una, still think my dream takes the biscuit lol :D

  • I have been on Champix in the past and the dreams where mad back then ha! This time i only had a couple and they were abit naughty this time but felt so real and i woke up in the morning at felt the whole day i was gonna tell me wife i was leaving her for a girl i have known for years lol!! well strange!

  • Hiya Zoe my little Dolly Mixture :D

    How's today been?

  • Funny cake

    Hiya Capitan, would talk if I could stop sneezing lol am trying :rolleyes: Did not smoke today so at this time of night I am gonna make day 5 cowabunga :D Thanks for all you and Rochelle did last night lol I was nearly gone :eek: Have made funny cake = carrot, cheese and bacon sponge. Don't ask cos I am weird that way heehee but no harm in trying something new? Maybe not that new though :confused:

    Just so glad to be smokefree tonight but still scared of the cravings.

    Zoe xx

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