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Day nine:)

Hi now do we count the day we quit ?. Well im My last nicodemon was on 9.2.12 at 11.45pm. Anyway im down as 9th day. Doing ok. Had a few squares of chocolate last nite. Ate 3 jam tarts yesterday. And done 5miles on my exercise bike this morning so i guess them calories just about got fringed. Lol. Drinkin plenty of water . Im waitin to go to Tesco but my OH keeps lighting up in the garden. Oops i think hes clippin his nails. All the best everyone. Xtra strong mints rule. Jacqui

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Well done for getting to Day 9, double figures tomorrow. :D

It depends what time of day you quit I guess. As I quit at 11.30pm on 26th January, I count my first day as 27th January.

Keep it going :)


Jaqui my last cig was on the 14th, so I count my first day as the 15th making today day 4. Well done on day 9 :). I could do with fringing some calories as well lol the only exercise I am getting is opening the fridge door :eek::D



Oops i think hes clippin his nails.

Just don't eat them! ;)

Well done Jacqui - you are sounding really positive this time.


Thanks everyone thats ok then i quit on 10.2.12. Yippeeee 9thday. And yes Zoe i know what you mean about the fridge door just got back from Tescos with munchies as well as normal shopping food. Thanks for all your inspirations. Love you all. Jacqui.


Well done Jac you are going good. xx


:DThanks Betty Boop. And Congrats to you in the Penthouse. :)


Hi Jacqui

Well done - I am on day 9 too and funnily enough my last cig was around 11.45pm on the 9th as well!! I also have a still smoking hubby but he has been so surprised I have done he is now going to start the patches on tuesday!

I always have a sweet tooth but have been eating everything in site!! Do prob need to put weight on anyway but of course it doesnt go on evenly - now am just skinny with a big belly and double chin - will worry about that later though!



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