For Those About To Quit I Salute You

I posted this in my first post on this forum but don't know how many people saw it or have seen it in the past.

It is a comedy sketch from a comedy genius, the late, great, Dave Allen, on giving up smoking.

He was himself a really heavy smoker and used to smoke during his TV shows when it was not considered to be an odd thing to do.

Give it a watch, it's truly hysterical and, more to the point, really is closer to the mark than many of us would care to admit! :D


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  • Hi Captain,

    Thank you for the post and the youtube skit of Dave Allen. It was very funny and we can all relate to it :D


    yo Mutley that's a funny sketch.......legend :rolleyes:

  • Comedy genius. :cool:

    He was really something special back in the day - what else did we have at the time? Wheeltappers and Shunters Club! The "Comedians" with their sexist, racist old rubbish week in week out.... Thanks for the memory!

  • Dave Allen was an absolute star; one of the best observational comedians ever to grace the stage.

    Has anyone read the book about his life? It's supposed to very good -- a very sad story. I'll have to get hold of it sometime.

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