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Day 48


Hello everyone,

well we are here on day 48 and feeling pretty good. I have had a god damn awful cold but for the first time in a long time that it has not gone straight to my chest. So that could just be pure coincidence but may also be the fact that I have quit!!

Both myself and my gorgeous hubby are doing brilliantly, still,for those who have read previous posts,bike riding,though with the snow it has become a bit harder but managed to get out 2 days last week and 2 days this week,work does not help I have to say,who invented that, and stuck it in the middle of my quit/keep fit regime!!!:D

So half way through February with March looming,looking good to me!!

Never gonna become complacent, people around us that gave up after us are back to smoking and I know how easy that can be!!

It is a long hard road and there is always a bump that hits you when you least expect it but as long as you can stay on you will be fine!!!

Well done everyone and keep on quitting!!


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somebody on here once said you cant trip over mountains its the pebbles that cause us to stumble. if you cross them youll get to where you want to go. good advice thats helped me and keeping it one day at a time, enjoy your quit. ps youll find that colds and flu, chest infections hardly touch you once youve quit.

mash x

Thanks Mash

Your advice is wise and I will def take it on board!!

thanks again


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