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Day 14 tomorrow - I'm so happy


OK so I had a few tough days all in a row this week but today was much better and thanks to everyone here I managed to make it through the tough times without smoking and tomorrow will be day 14 rather than day 1 - Thank you all for you support I surly would have gone back to smoking without it.

I know it’s only been 13 days but here are some the positive things I have noticed so far: (thanks to all of you)

1) I am no longer embarrassed by my kids seeing me smoke (a big plus)

2) I no longer have any wheezing when I fall asleep at night

3) My energy levels are getting much better by the day (no more afternoon nap)

4) Everything taste so much better

5) I no longer smell like smoke

6) My car no longer smells like smoke

7) I am not standing outside freezing to smoke

8) I no longer plan my days around smoking (this should be at the top of the list) It is so nice to just go places without having to worry about when or where I will be able to have my next smoke.

9) I have made new friends on the forum (also a top of the list item)

I’m sure I can think of some more but you get the point

Here is my list of bad and awful things that have happened since I stopped smoking:




Wouldn’t you know I honestly can’t think of 1 bad thing

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Bloomin fantastic for not sparkin up for 14 days. Top o the class for u my boy.

Mash x

Great post, Sparky, great stats too.

You seemed to have a real air of confidence about this quit. Sure it's gonna be the quit :cool:

That experience of riding through the bad will give you so much more confidence if and when a tough time comes around again. But have heart there will be less and less as time moves forward.

I wanted to keep the post in the 4-7 day forum in hopes that people that make it here can see that it does start to get better if they can just hang in there for a little while longer even though it may seem like an eternity. I’m sure I will have some more shaky times ahead but I won’t quit


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