498 Days nonsmoker

Hi dear Non-Smoker...:D

My name is Jess and i´m from Germany.

I can only little English (but i learn now, at a school, on evening;))

The 06th October 2010, i have last smoking. juhuuuu

In Germany is smoking intolerant. For 3 -5 Years.

Every year more taxes.

My stop was OK. I have lot drink water. (lot?? it´s right on English? So very....much drink water.)

Jogging, to distract, bubblegum:D

My Husband it´s nonsmoker, too. He is 238 Days "green"

We says to nonsmokern "green". Smokern "red"

Ok, here is 16:30h, end of the work day. cooool....

The topic "Nonsmoker" is very interesting....

I can perhaps better learn English. Here, to you!


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  • Hi Jess you are doing brilliant not smoking that is a long time, keep going.

    You speak better english than I do German!:)

  • Hello Betty boop.

    Thanks for your answer. It´s very nice.

    My teacher come from Wales, too.:)

    In Germany, on the Page w ww.nichtraucher.de, are very much users, they have to read the book from Allen Carr. They say, it´s good.

    How are you, Betty?

  • Aaah...i have seen. You have not smoke 366 Days!!!!


  • Yes Jess one year and one day!! and I never want to smoke again.

    Some parts of Wales are pretty like parts of Germany are.

    Maria. xx

  • It's great!!!!!

    How long time you have smoked? Why have you quit?

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