No Smoking Day
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now day 8 whoop whoop

feeling very happy today.... last 2 days had mood swings and felt very sad, but I feel loads better today, only woke once in the night so may be feel better due to more sleep, bought more grapes, cherrys etc and sweets, got what I wanted... I can loose weight any time, rather have a few extra pounds than be a smoker, just how my mind is working at the moment....I enjoy reading all the posts, keeps me going to know others are going or have been through the same, nice to know ive not lost the plot :D

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There's something really satisfying about making it through the first week isn't there :D

It's tough, and every time you feel tempted you should think about how tough week 1 was at times. It should help you decide to keep your quit rather than have to go back through week 1 again.

I'm chuffed for you and you should be proud of yourself :)


Well done marierose, its such a challenge getting through the tough days but it makes the good days all the better and more rewarding :D

Well done to you too Capital, you seem to be doing good too!!


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