No Smoking Day
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So Day 3 has arrived

Ok, Day 3 has begun, and so far so good. Although I've only been awake 1 hour!!

Day 2 went off pretty smoothly, but being busy at work helped distract the mind I think.

Is it normal for the first thought of the day to be about smoking in these stages? Literally as soon as I open my eyes, a thought about cigarettes pops straight into my head.

63hrs since my last smoke (also, is that normal, to count every hour!?) and I know after 3 days the actual physical addiction is meant to have passed, and then its just the mental demons to contend with after that!

Good luck to all! :)


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Yeah its normal I've just really got out of it being the first thought now lol and I've done 3 weeks. But don't try to avoid thinking about smoking cos you'll drive yourself mad!! Its not like we can avoid it every day, when I go into town or to asda after work its all I can smell!! It stinks

Also I didn't count it by hour no, but some people do so whatever makes you feel good :)


Thinking about is perfectly normal :)

Last time i quit it was litrally the only thing on my mind, it was all i could talk about to the point where i couldn't stop O_O i had to restrain myself so i didnt start annoying everyone around me XD

A good tip is that whenever you think of smoking, try to thing of something disgusting, like a wet horrible ash tray or someone coughing up all the nasties.. hopefully the association will put you off thinking about it :)

GOODLUCK :D you can do it!!



Its still my first thought in the morning but it passes real quick now - first few mornings it was all i thought about till I got to work.

Since your counting the hours, minutes seconds..... you should download a quit counter onto your computer, I have one on mine, keeps details of the time since your quit, how many cigarettes you've not smoked and how much you've saved so far. I find it helpful anyway.

Keep strong

Red x


I still think about smoking and i quit 4 months ago. things have changed though i no longer wake up wanting asmoke its more like thank god i dont have to smoke today. it gets loads better i enjoy watching the old addict squirming and playing its trix ,its a persistent old fart , thats what smoking really is setting fire to something and inhaling an old fart uuuuggghhh Gerosse

Mash x ps just before i quit i put my dimps into a jar with water ,gave it a good stir and its the most foul stench putrid cesspool of truth and honesty of what smoking really is . one wiff of that and youll never smoke again.

Mash x


I'm on day 11 and I remember day 3 so vividly . . I thought it would never get any better . . but it did . . it does and it will . . and when I wake and remember I don't need to get up to smoke and instead can have a lie in cos I'm not as addicted now . . I smile to myself . . every morning :) . . day three seems to be the big breakthrough day so well done . . Jo


I'm 2,913 hours into my quit (that's 121 days) and still think about smoking. Totally natural Dave.


im 4.5 months into it and im always thinking about one way or another. not going back though.



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