Day 7!!!!!!

Having made it through days 4, 5 and 6 with no problems at all, I was assuming that the worst was over!!! However, Ive woken up today in one hell of a mood, feel really anxious and on edge.

BUT...I have no urge whatsoever to run out and buy cigarettes, so I guess this is a good sign.

I just hope it passes before tonight or my other half is in for a right fun filled Valentines night....he'll be sat on the couch to scared to speak in case "the dragon" breathes fire on him. (The dragon being the pet name i seem to have acquired in the past few idea why!?!)

Hope everyone is doing well in their quits.

Red x

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  • Thanks Karri, the support on here really helps.

    I keep thinking this mood will shift but it doesnt appear to be, Im just hoping im back feeling a bit more "normal" again tomorrow.

    And yeah it will be my first valentines day smoke free in a long time, guess i should make use of the new found energy lol!!!

    Red x

  • Well done Red80, whoop, whoop!! :D

  • Thanks Surferchick,

    How are you finding your quit?

    Red x

  • Its going really well thank you and feeling really positive. Love this forum its been such a great help. :D

  • Well done Red for quitting and making it this far. emotions and moods are all over the place at this stage of a quit , do watch your intake of caffeine if u use it for some reason it becomes twice as strong when u quit.

    all the best Mash x

  • Now that you mention it Mash, I have been drinking an excessive amount of tea since i quit. Although, the way i take my tea (one dunk of the tea bag, half a cup of milk), im not sure i could ever overdose on caffeine!!

    But, i will take the advise and going to stick to water tomorrow. Thanks.

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