day 8 not been great

Just wanted to say hello to everyone as only just joined. Day 8 for me & its been the toughest so far, found it harder than the first few days, cant wait for the day to be over!

In trying to distract myself i found this site & thought id join, i think its going to help having you guys around :)

Cant seem to think of any thing else than a smoke right now so think ill take my dog out, then when i get home it will be time to cook, think that will help, i hope!

Anyway as said just wanted to say hi & wish everyone all the best with quitting :)

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  • Congrats and welcome, Sarah :)

    Seems that you've got an understanding that diversion is a key ingredient at first whilst you tackle breaking those ingrained smoking habits. Every time you get a crave make a conscious decision to do something else. Then hopefully you'll find that the crave, which only lasts for a tiny amount of time, will have abated.

    Rinse and repeat and before you know it the strength of the craves will be greatly reduced. That'll be you clearing out the old redundant habit to sweap in the healthier no smoking habits.

    Read around and educate yourself about stopping smoking. Post when you wish, support others along the way. Before you know it the milestones will be piling up.

  • welcome sarah

    Well done for getting this far. This site will really help you as everyone on here is going through the same thing. We all understand. I am raeding Allen Carrs book now as reccomended by people on here and it really helps. It is called Allen Carrs Easyway to stop smoking. He helps you to have a different mindset.

  • Hi sarah*, I quit cold turkey, and I'm on Day 18 now, but Day 8 was also a tough day for me too and I had a really big wobble but survived it.

    Looks like you are hanging in there too and I have to say that once I'd survived Day 8 (due to the wobble), I knew I could survive anything.

    Hang on in there, you'll be so chuffed, pleased and proud of yourself when you wake up tomorrow still a non smoker :)

    If you want to download the book Haze is talking about you can do so here...

    Good luck (but you don't need it really ;))


  • Hi Sarah, I was exactly the same on day 8. I had no idea why, nothing out of the ordinary or stressful happened it was just a tough day. Day 9 was better, not great but better. Since day 10 I've been fine, just the odd crave here or there but nothing too bad. Keep going, day 8 is a huge achievement :)

  • Hi

    I'm new here too and on Day 8. I am still finding it difficult. There have been a few stressful issues and it has been hard not smoking.

  • It will pass Ivy, hundreds of thousands have trodden this path before us and came out the other side, so it is possible.:)

    Distract yourself, go and have a bath, anything but smoke!

    I promise you it will get easier, you just have to get through one day at a time.


  • Hi Sarah . . it's my 8th day too . . today has been a little better as I found the weekend to be a struggle . . first weekend without smoking was a toughie . . remember though, those cravings seem to last longer than they actually do . .don't let 'em fool you into thinking it would be easier to smoke . . it's just how it feels at the time. You've come a long way in these 8 days and a lot of positive things are starting to take place for you . . ride out those craving moments like waves . . don't fight 'em just let 'em wash over you and try and think of each one as 'one less' that you have to go through till you reach the other side . . it will happen . . one day at a time. Jo

  • Hi

    I know how you feel as I'm pulling my hair out with the cravings today! I went to the shop before and was staring at the tabs on the shelf! x

  • Felic I've found I've gone the other way, my apetite has actually reduced. As long as I eat proper good healthy meals, I'm fine. Which is no bad thing!! Try eating healthy meals and healthy snacks, plenty of nice cold water too. You will get there with the apetite thing. I'm not sure how long it lasts as I aint been through it but people on here don't seem to complain about it after a few weeks?


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