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Look back in anger

9 weeks on tuesday since I stopped smoking. No longer craving but still so quick tempered. Wonder if that will calm down. OH being very tolerant but says im a nightmare. All I want is to feel normal..trouble is I no longer know what normal is...smoking hid normalities hid my underlying depression and poor self hid my fiery nature as I cud walk away from situations that annoyed me and go for a smoke..feel weird:(

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*Tip toes in* know those times when walked away? Off to have a smoke and take yourself away from the annoying situation. Nothing is stopping you from walking away. Surely because you don't smoke anymore you aren't stuck to a spot. You can still walk away....for a deep breath or 2. If you went outside to smoke then all the better because you can get outside and draw in a breath of good fresh air.

*Runs away quickly*

*Shouts back* Congrats on the 9 weeks :)


Walk away!!!

Good point about still going outside for fresh air...initially I found that close association with smoking but not now so shud try that ...otherwise its anger management for me thanx for advice:)


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