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day 2 done and dusted

Day 2 felt like day one. But last night i started to listen to allen carr the easyway and this time round it made me see sense that bit more it made me realise the way of understanding ADDICTION and so this morning i felt at ease i decided not to have an NRT LOZ i had a mint instead and lasted til just now 4pm to have a loz. Im in day 3 now see you their. Jacqui

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Well done, Jacqui :cool:

It seems that AC could help you take the extra steps of getting over the hump of quitting. But then no-one is gonna say that you shouldn't have a safety net of lozenges along for the journey.

Keep on keepin' on,



Nice one Jacqui, good luck for day three!


Well done Jacqui,

Reckon I should read Allen Carr again as it helped me before.

Stay strong :)

Zoe xx


Glad to see you're doing well and getting through it, keep up the good work!


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