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18 months!!

Hi Guys, it's meeee!!!

Still can't believe it's been 18months since i last had a ciggie!:cool:

I dont miss it at all, i love being smoke free and wish i had done it many years before.

My younger son has significantly less asthma attacks now, and it was mainly the guilt over smoking around him that made me want to give up.

My oder son is glad that i don't stink anymore (his words!).

In fact, the only time i ever thin about smoking now is when i have a milestone coming up, like last week i knew my 18months was coming up and couldn't wait to post this thread :D

This forum, and the many many supportive people who have helped me along the way, is what really made the difference for me. So thanks to you all.

Looking forward to the 2 years mark now!

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Well done!

A year and a half is a major acheinvement, it is post;s like this that keep the rest of us motivated

Stay Strong

Regards Gary



Thats great to read :)


Thanks guys.

Gary- believe me, if i can do it, so can you!

I loved smoking and never planned to give up, until i read a great book (Allen Carr) and the guilt about my younger son was so bad. He was hospitalised several times with his asthma, and this is what finally pushed me to quit.

My advice is to remember NOPE and take 1 day, 1 hour, 1 minute or 1 second at a time...whatever gets you through the next craving!


I'm extremely happy for you Claire. I never doubted you would make it this far from the time we first met because of your strong commitment to it right from the start. You’re a strong, incredible person and deserve every bit of excitement this victory brings to you.

Huge Congratulations to you my friend (from you 6 and 3/4 day friend at the bottom)


Well done Claire on your one and a half years around the sun.



Thanks Sparky and MAH.


Hi Claire

Congrats on reaching the 18 month mark. I am like you i still only think about smoking when i get to my milestones which again like you i like to still mark them. I am so proud of you though hun, well done. x


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