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Yippee day 1 tomorrow

Hello Fellow quitters. I have finally got my lozengers after 2days of chemist shite. So 10th feb here i come . Im not putting it off anymore get to it get sucking i also have that weird plastic ciggie thing which i found so while on the loz i can pretend to have a fag. Hahaha. Be back on when day one passes. Thank you to all my feb quitting and Nov quitting buddies for your inspiration. Love u all. Jacqui

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Glad to hear you finally have what you need. I to am a Feb quitter, in fact only on Day 2 today, so feeling it a bit but surviving. This place helps greatly, knowing that I am not alone, none here are alone.

All the best with the quit and come and join the Feb quitters group as all experiences and tips and advice will be helpful and beneficial.


Hey Jacqui, well done girl!!

Keep positive :)



happy you are on your way!! stay focused-keep your eye on the prize and you will do it!!


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