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day 31 just having a look at month 2

day 31 , well its been interesting certainly . enjoyable probably not .

i had my last two fags at 7.30 and 7.45 am with two coffees on the 9th jan outsie in the garden with the temperature at -1 .

I had 3 weeks with 14mg patches then couldnt be Ar*ed to go to the shop and buy anymore so have gone CT. i used lozenges for the first two weeks just to get over really heavy cravings . i still have a tube of lozenge mints left but are starting to view them as evil little mints that will encourage the thought of smoking so they are just sitting looking at me waiting to be binned.

And it has been worth every effort to get this far, i can breathe easier ,my chest doesent rattle in the morning, i have rediscovered food. my circulation has improved .more energy , my car doesent smell like an ashtray . i dont have to sneak off for a smoke before meetings at work or in general everyday life. to a great degree i was a secret smoker, i was i admit embarrased by my habit which has helped me stop .

i am off to play football again tonight for the first time in 8 months after a knee einjury , so i am hoping my improved lung capacity will enable me to show off the silky skills to better effect.

so apart from the new found insomnia , irrational mood swings, increased crisp consumption and ability to loose concentration randomly i would reccomend not being a smoker to all smokers.

this forum defiantly helps get over the first few weeks just concerned may be addicted to this now !

looking forward to month 3 already


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WOW! A lot of what you had written, was a mirror of me!

I am now Day 30! Going into Month #2. WOW is all I can think of.

You mentioned being irrirated? or maybe depressed? Pls check with

your Dr. for levels of Vitamin D in your body...Mine had dropped to a

very low level, thus it made me depressed...weak..I had brain FOG!

All attributed to lack of Vitamin D! What the Dr. did was prescribe

50K UI of Vitamin D3. For 5 days...then to begin a normal intake of Vit D3

of 400 UI. Its gonna take probley a month for me to really see some

changes, but I had no idea that Vitamin D played such a role in how

we physically FEEL. OMG! So please take the time and check on this.

What your Dr. will do is have you do your labs, take blood, and then

they can tell what is happening with you. I am right with you!

We can do this thing...I too do the lozenges..I take 1/2 a tablet.

God Bless!


Hi 1bluetree,

i have read a few posts where people have stopped the patches early and gone CT , its worked for me so far anyway.

I needed to get out of the actual lighting up habit initially which is why i decided to use patches initially. I have lost the urge to physically smoke so just got to tackle the mind of an ex smoker whichit seems is more difficult and takes a lot longer.

mood swings are an effect of cravings and my head telling me i should be doing something at that time.,these seem to be less frequent as the days go on. however ill take your advice get some extra vitamins. I have been adding poisins to my body for 30 years so im sure it cant do any harm adding something back . thanks for the advice and keep going with your quit. :D



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