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legs elven or 11th hour?

Hi fellow quitters, Been on the smokeless fuel now for you guessed 11 days and feeling kinda of good and bad,proud and sad,joyous and desperate in fact will this feeling ever go away or is it me being me ! Anyway health wise not coughing any more and my flat and I smell/ reek real fresh to boot.

trying or dying now that's the options lol

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Hi i'm day 17 and still feeling that way, so don't wish to discourage you, but i think it just goes on until it stops x


Morning all I too am on my 11th day as a none smoker. Although its been tough I can honestly say day by day its getting that little bit easier. Font get me wrong the next massive craving could be just round the corner. But because I've had a few bad ones each one has made me stronger. And given me strength to carry on. Just think we'll be in to week 3 soon .



Hi im also on day 11 today and yesterday day 10 Was awful full of tears. But i awoke this morning and im ok at the moment. Thinking of having my hair cut today. I know that will make me feel tops. Jacqui


I am on day 11 too, feeling much better mentally last couple of days but have developed the cold and the worst cough!!! Wanted to get rid of my cough when I stopped!!

Hair cut sounds a good idea - must put that on my list for next week!



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