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Hanging in there

Hi Guys. This is my first post so be gentle as i'm slightly edgy. Well what can I say i'm on day 16:D. Ive gone CT from day one and yes its been tough:( . But i'm going to do this and live the rest of my life not having to be beholden to some cancer stick that I've been putting in my mouth for over 30 years:eek:. I'm just taking each day as it comes. So bring it on because I will beat this and live a much healthier life for me my daughter and my wife:). I'm blaming the withdrawal for me typing like this. Well hope to keep you all up to date with my progress in the future. Great site by the way .

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Hello, we'll be gentle. I'm day 16 and cold turkey too. Just dive in. Well done for getting this far on your own.


Well done for going ct, if you can get through the withdrawals the cravings are a piece of cake lol

Welcome to the forum :)


By day 16 you are well past the "physical" withdrawal, but the mental pangs can still be quite strong. Not all of them, but some. The monster inside is dying and he knows it. I remember reading about a thousand posts that promised it gets easier and at times I was doubtful, but it's true.

The cravings get weaker and weaker and eventually he falls asleep.

Just remember though, he's only sleeping. One puff will wake him.


Welcome to the forum Life's a Drag (LAD) :)

As you can see from my signature below, I'm on Day 14 Cold Turkey after a 31 year habit.

Like you, I've had enough and am determined to beat it.

Good luck with your quit, I'll be looking out for you as we are at similar stages and of similar backgrounds.


Hi guys Thanks so much for the replies;). Its so good to read about how other people cope and feel about giving up the weed:eek:. At times you feel like you are the only person to go through this:mad: . In reality zillions of people have done this before. The way I look at this is I got myself into this and i'm going to get myself out. One day i'm going to look back at all this and have a quiet laugh to my self:). At the moment I just want to hide in a dark room for a while and stay away from people. I do know that it will get better as each day goes by. That's why its so good to come on here and read other peoples threads. Well onwards and upwards as they say. Well done guys for getting this far . And if you can get this far you can do it for the rest of your born natural



Well done on getting this far, you are throught the "worst" of it after 3 days the "psyical" craving are over and from there on it's all in the mind :)

As a fellow CT quitter I found thing's eased off after 21 days (21 days to make or break a habit)

stay strong and again well done!

Regards Gary


Hi guys . Day 18 today ;) and I think it is getting a bit easier. Its a job to tell when you're up and down :confused: . My wife and daughter are being really good and giving me a lot of leniency because I know I'm being a right pain at the mo. Hope all you guys are going OK and look forward to your replies . Cheers.


WELCOME TO THE FORUM LAD (well done Capitan ;) )

Well Done on your quit so far, keep patting yourself on the back and eat loads of chocolate! ;)


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