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No Smoking Day
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The last straw!!!

Hi all, i was meant to be quitting on the 7th feb but through no fault of my own. I get to the chemist sorry none in stock. She rang whoever delivery will be on 8th at 10.30am went back then oh sorry they havent come in you will have to come back at 4.30 when 2nd delivery. Well i rang this time no sorry they didnt come in. Next delivery 9th feb between 10.30am to 11am. Im so pissed off now ive had a fag because they drove me to it. Paranoia is setting in. I have never ever had a problem at my chemist until now its a good job im not dying. But dont it make you think. Will keep you posted peeps. Jacqui

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Well I would have done I live in a village. I guess I could have gone to town, but our nearest town im not too sure about, parking is diabolical. :)


It seems that way doesnt it Karri. Il keep you posted. J


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