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Day 38? I think ha!

Well just another Hello,just keep poppin on now and again to see how ur all doing,im doing great,stopped the champix early and feel fine without them,not really counting the days anymore either,in fact i pretty much feel like a non smoker now,yey!

Only thing that is bothering me is the wanting to snack on sweet things,biscuits,chcocolate,sweets,help appreciated if anyones got any ideas!

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sweet cravings

Well done for getting this far,am at a simillar day,but not really counting either,coming up to 6 weeks I think.I can't stop nibbling on choc and sweets,gotta stop it now as I have put weight on and I hate it.Is the body still trying to sort blood sugar levels 6 weeks after a quit?for am I just being greedy? x


I've definitely been putting on weight and excessively eating/drinking in place of smoking. The good news is that quitting eating should be easier than quitting smoking! Good luck to you!


Hi Im at 38 days too. Think Im over the worse and now putting my mind on loosing a bit of weight. Put on 6lb over the 38 days, feel FAT.


I am the same! I think it is replacing the time we used to spend smoking, like we have to do something. And chocolate just tastes sooooo good! I am sure the weight gain can be dealt with once the first 3 months are over with. May be worth looking for fruit alternatives - the packets you can get in supermarkets are good, dry and chewy and not many calories and quite sweet. I buy maltesors for chocolate and suck them. Or boiled sweets are not too bad either. Extra exercise definitely helps too :eek:


Thanks,well luckily I am very active at the gym,swimming,running about after the kids, I havent put any on since iv stopped but I did put on nearly 10 pounds in december,due to a holiday abroad and then xmas when we came back,was hoping to get this off but finding it near impossible,just want to eat rubbish since iv stopped lol!


Congrats to DAY 38! On Ward!!!!!!!

I am DAY 38 today FEB 17...

and I find I don't think so much about it either!

I use the 2mg lozenges now...

I cut them in 1/2 place under the tongue

if a problem.... We are going strong!!! :D


Hi its now day 50 for me..yipee,no its funny how you slowly start forgettingl ,Iv been cold turkey since day 30 and not bothered me in the slightest. Good luck,itl be a year before we no it!


Huge respect to all you guys and gals! :)

You give us all hope and something to aim for.


Today is my Day 38, hello everyone!

I have put on weight. I hate my job (stressful) and used to really value my smoke breaks, anything to get away from my desk for 10 mins. Now its tea and biscuits all the way. Lots and lots of biscuits. Also food tastes so good, I mean really my tastebuds have come alive!

I am not too bothered about the weight gain to be honest, its not enough to jeopardise my quit. At the same time as quitting I started jogging and tonight I ran my 4.5km course in 31 mins which is amazing (for me). So although about half a stone heavier I do feel way, way, way better. Stronger, cleaner, more in control. Its great.


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