No Smoking Day
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Day 6 - CT

For the first time ever im feeling really positive about this quit. First time ive done it cold turkey.. The thought of having another smoke makes me feel sick .. (where has this feeling come from)

Ive been around smokers since quitting .. i have no desire to have one ... eh!? (im baffled)

Ive smoked for 11 years.. and for it to end like this is a good thing, obviously, yet i regret the 11 years i did smoke .. and hope that in the past 11 years i havent done too much damage to myself.. im more worried about ageing process tbh .. (sorry to sound vain).

My reasons for quitting is i was feeling physical sick smoking towards the end.. making a roll up having 2 puffs and getting rid as it made me feel sick.. and they just tasted awful.. im wondering if you can just simply get bored of smoking ???

Day 1 - 3 great , no problems

Day 4 - sickness feeling / cattarah / hot flushes / headaches / dizziness

Day 5 - sickness feeling / cattarah / hot flushes

Day 6 - hot flushes

The hot flushes are happening late afternoon / early evening is this normal ? is there any explanation to the symptom?

Thank you :D

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