day 38+99

hi everybody hope all that read this are doing ok , i am still doing ok with the e cig . don't think i would of got this far without it . shame you can't just pop to the shop and fetch one though. i got mine over the internet. i believe that tesco are selling disposable ones for 5.99 which is a bit on the expensive side. can't see it lasting more than a day. can get a proper kit for 25 quid over the internet. anyway have a nice day and no i have no shares in tesco.

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  • Looks like you have a new hobby researching NRT prices. I would call you sad but I keep going to Morrisons to see if any special offers on patches, and read the packet on some of the other gear on display. That mist stuff looks really exciting:D

    Well done on your quit, I did read your post on the +99 bit, for me a bit harsh on yourself, but add them together and you are going some

  • Which one are you on Pfaber?am pn the nucig one,hasn't been that cheap really but can't get by without it,am like a baby without its dummy without it....depends which one you are on but I have found a few chemists near me that sell the nucig one as I was in a panic the other day when I had no cartridges,worth googling see if they are any shops stocking it x

  • e cig locally

    i have not seen any e cigs for sale in my area which is a shame as keeping one on hand for when i go out would be really useful . have not got a tesco near me . seem them on the net for 2.99 . at home i use a usb e cig that i plug into a wall socket . the cheapest option. but not mobile. never seem anybody else with one of there things .

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