Day 1

Hi Everyone. I have joined this forum because I am impressed by the support you can get. I have smoked for 40 years.well 35 (gave up once for 5 years). I am using champix and I have to say I think they may work, although my mind thinks of nothing but ciggies. I am determined and I will visit this site each day for encouragement because I know as soon as the novelty wears off I will want to start again. I am focusing on the reasons why I want to stop and I will do that evry time I have a weak moment as I am sure there will be weak moments, Wish me luck!

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  • Firstly Haze56 welcome to the forum, and congratulations in becoming a non smoker.

    Any time you need to chat, to discuss highs, lows, wobbles or just to have a down right rant, we're here , give us your worst.

    We are all doing just the same, hopefully rid our minds and bodies of the dreadfull demon that has buried its self with in us.

    Be strong we will help you stay focused, nice to have you on board,

    Im Si btw im currently on day 8. :)

  • Day 1

    Thanks Si. I really hope that I can start thinking about something other than cigs soon or that will drive me mad. I will be on every day and update everyone how I am doing. Thank god I stumbled across this forum, anything that helps!!!

  • Hahaha!

    I like your style Haze, sticking a Day 1 post in the Days 4-7 section!

    Welcome aboard, you'll find some solid dependable people on here to get you through the bad times.

    Si, who posted above me, is one such person.

    All you have to do is log in and we'll get you through your wobbles and cravings.

    After 3 days the nicotine will have left your body, after that it's all about mental strength and a change of mindset.

    Don't look at it as giving something up, think of it as doing something new.

    It might seem daft, but it really does work after a while :)


  • day1 wish it was day 4

    Thanks for that I knew I had done something wrong! I am not concentrating.

  • Hahaha!

    I like your style Haze, sticking a Day 1 post in the Days 4-7 section!

    Haha Gary I've wanted to post in the year+ before now lol

    Welcome Haze you can do it, there is a lot of support on here :D

  • Thanks Michelle. The people on this site are great, we all understand what each are going through, this isnt my first attempt I know how hard it can be and I always stumble after 5 to 7 days and give in. Not this time I hope!

  • Nope not this time you wont. I've tried about three/four times before. If only I'd have found the people on here then Maybe just maybe I'd have been a non smoker years ago.I'm on day 9 now. With help from here I'm already feeling the benefits. You will soon. Together we will make it.

    Hugs are free on here. You only need to ask. Si

  • welcome haze, you have come to the right place for help. The people here are amazing.

  • Hi Haze, welcome and congrats on your quit so far! :)

  • Feeling down

    Hi everyone. feel a bit down today but not had a smoke so onwards and upwards. Good things about not smoking.... save money smell beteer taste food better improve health! whats to be down about? that is how strong the addiction is your brain thinks you are missing something! sorry if I sound negative, feel a bit better now!

  • Hi Haze, you'll be fine, just believe in yourself, it doesn't matter how far you got before. This time is different

  • thanks

    Hi Hilary. Thanks for that. I am so determined I am 55 and I need to do it now! I feel loads better just signing in here it keeps me occupied! really appreciate your support!

  • Well, my OH is 53 and has smoked since he was about 18, so if he ever comes on here he will really need people like you and capitan as examples it can be done.

  • cold turkey

    Hi Hilary. Tell him it can be done! I didnt want to wait until there is a health reason to do it! How are you finding it? you are going ct.

  • Hi Haze, yes i'm CT. I did cold turkey too in 1997 after 6 years of trying to give up, messing about with nrt, hypnotherapy etc. I stopped for 13 years with the alan carr book (this just happens to be good for me, other people find him really annoying!)...then, i was a pillock and started again around may 2010....twit. Anyway, after another year and a half of the alan carr book, hypo, alan carr course , herbs etc...i was finally really properly ready, found this forum which galvanised me, read alan carr again...and here i am.

    So, OH being supportive, but we aren't talking about it a lot. He has said he's envious. I did ask him to give me a cigarette yesterday because i was having a hissy hysteria moment...he declined. As the nearest garage is a 20 minute walk away and my clutch cable has gone, and it has snowed...i didn't go and get any!

    So that's my story. How about you?

  • cold turkey

    Hi Hilary. I did cold turkey in1986 and I stopped for 5 years, started again and regreted it ever since. I have tried since to give up but without success. Hopefully this time will be different. I found the first 3 days the worst with ct and aftwer that I was fine.not as good today as firstn two days hope I am better tommorow day4 I can legitimatly post on this page tommorow,

  • day 4

    Hi I am on day 4 today and it is not any easier aftermeals. I am having physical symptoms aswell. Oh well off to the gym to go on the treadmill.I really want to do this.

  • Just keep going Haze. I'm away for a few days now, so want to see you on day 8 when i get back...or there'll be trouble. I'm on day 17, and i have to say days 7,8,9 and 16 were pants! So (only kidding about the trouble), just accept this craving, wanting, wailing and tearing of hair will go on until it stops, and you'll be fine. And stop, eventually, it will. Every morning waking up and going, phew I didn't smoke yesterday, is goooood.

  • day 4

    Oh no dont go! I will still be here ohterwise what was the point of putting myself through this? I feel bloated and awful at the moment. I feel like I need a detox. Have a nice time Hilary and thankyou so much for all your support. by the way where are you going?

  • Hi Haze, just in London for a few days on a course. Last time i was on one there, in oct, i was a smoker. It involved getting close up and personal with people, so i was constantly either rushing off to starbucks for a coffee and a fag in the breaks....or aware of how badly i smelt to everyone else, who were mainly non smokers. So, this will be good, not having to think about it!

    So, have fun....and just think, you will have clocked up the first week next time i'm on here.

  • 1st week nearly over

    Hi. Well that is my first week nearly over and I am still as determined as I was las Sunday. That is down to the wonderful people on this forum. I dont always post loads of stuff but I read it everyday and people like Hilary Capitan Sparky Si and co are really good at making you feel better and I thank you all.

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