No Smoking Day
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I'm here!

Well, well, well! Who'd have thought that a year has passed without a cig (not even a cheeky drag!)

It's not always been easy and there has been days when i could have killed for a drag but here i am at the penthouse and the view is beautiful :)

Raise your glasses ladies and gentlemen cos here's to all the other quitters that have just reached their first year smoke free - cheers!


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TAMWILL! Fantastic news! Many many congratulations.

It's just the best feeling in the world isn't it. Pull up a seat at the bar. Champagne?

H x


Big big congratulations!


Great news Tamwill - glad you made it. As for me I'm just reaching the basement door - again


It must be a great buzz to reach one year smoke free. im so happy for you im feeling confident i'll be there myself one day.

mash x


Excellent. I'll be joining you in a couple of weeks.


Congrats on your year Tamwill. Ruddy great feeling isn't it.


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