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day 28 not sure how that happened

today is my 28th day without smoking , i wont pretend its been easy but it hasnt been the complete hell i was expecting either. though some family members may contest that :o

i had been using patches up until last friday when i ran out ,

When i smoked and only had four or less in the packet i would drag myself to the shop in any weather . i actually always walk to the shop as its healthier. i know the irony in a healthy walk to buy fags! anyway i couldnt be bothered to go and buy patches so toughed it out over the weekend. it has been ok , defianatly feel the cravings but apart from that i have no desire to smoke.

Afte 28 days i feel a lot fitter , i actually run up the stairs each day , its a test of my breathing and it is incredible afer a relativily short time how much its improved. strange but true :)

Finally those of you who read my post about my confused dog, you will be pleased to know as a non smokers dog he gets at least an hour and a half a day walks just not to the shop.

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Well done! Can't wait til I'm as far as you, I'm on day 11.

As for the dog, I bet he's loving it :) mine were getting 2 walks the first few days as I needed to get out the house to forget about it lol but I'm ok now and relaxed so they're back to about 45 mins a day (they are only little dogs though, shih tzu and lhasa apso, don't need walking for hours)

What type of dog do you have?

Anyway, great for you getting that far, long may it continue for you!! :D


Hi Rochelle,, firstly well done geting to double digits is worthy of celebration in itself.

unless your a smoker you just dont appreciate the effort it takes to get that far without smoking so well done. for me 10 days was a milestone in itself. i have smoked foir 30 years ( i am embarrased by that figure|) and though i still think about it i no longer want to "have a fag" and wish i had had the courage and not he excuses to give up 20 years ago .

anyway the dog, hes a cocker spaniel , so can be very liveley . he goes out for up to an hour at a time depending on time i have etc. he does walk between 15 to 20 milles once a month or so with me across the shropshire hills .. he is off up Mount Snowden this weekend weather permitting. though i havent broken it to him yet.

good luck and thank you kmh


Hi Rochelle and K,

I have a cocker spaniel/ black lab. For the 1st week, I wouldn't go out on the porch like normal, she would look at me, as to say "why are you not outside". lol, but now at day 20, I can sit out on the porch or in the yard smoke free. :D


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