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Weird Day, Thank God I made it...19 Days

There's a song that has a line in it that says... "if your goin through hell, keep on goin, dont' look back and if your scared don't show it, you might get out before the devil even knows your there.

I kept going today... But I think I was noticed and ambushed. lol

Through the emotions, the migraine, trying to sleep off my funk, trying to get my mind off of smoking was really hard. Nothing was working... I just had to walk through it.

I read these posts and I'm so proud of everyone. Each of you has helped me, even when you are just talking to someone else. Thanks :)

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Hi Jubilee ,

just to say i enjoy reading your positive posts,, and regrading songs i have in my head most of the time " there is a light that never goes out" by the smiths it is nothing to do with smoking apart from maybe the title which just makes me smile. must be my sense of humour.


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