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Day 10 - Hurrah!

Well here I am on Day 10, who would have believed it after a 31 year habit.

At today's prices I have calculated that over the years I have spent somewhere in the region of £75,000 on the habit.

On top of that, I went from being super fit to completely out of shape from a stamina and fitness point of view.

As with many things in life, if only I knew then what I know now.

Here's a thought provoker for the day courtesy of the Dali Lama...

"Smoking is like an itch. If you have an itch it feels so good when you scratch it, but it is much better to have no itch to start with"

I'm feeling good, feeling positive and feeling glad that should I need help then this forum, and the people on it, are just a moment away. :)

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Well done and keep it up - double figures on days quit - nice 1

My daughter has terribly itchy skin in the cold, we keep telling her not to scratch her legs as it will just make it miles worse. Its such a shame and not her fault.

The smoking itch on the other hand is all self inflicted. If I knew 22 years ago what I know now:confused:

Onwards and upwards and dig your trainers out of the cupboard


That is a massive achievement Capitan. My OH has smoked for about 35 years. If he ever comes on here, its going to be people like you whole will inspire him.

Your life is going to be soooo different!


75,000 could buy you a small house here where I live!!! Wow.

I spent about 70 a month on fags (obviously the duty frees from people who sell them, or 'snides' as we call them here lol then the odd pack from asda when I ran out) so I've saved about 17.50 up to now.

Anyway, you are on the same day as me as you know :)


Horrifying isn't it Rochelle!

Let's make sure that you, me and Si meet up in the Penthouse in a years time :D

Thanks for your support Mr G. Remember that post I made in your thread? I am looking up to you and following in your footsteps. You can't fail because where will I go then?

Thanks to you too Hilary. Get your OH on here, you know it makes sense! (sorry, a bit of the Delboy creeping out there!) :D


That Penthouse is sure gonna be busy guys :)


Michellopy, can I be your Dick Dastardly or even Muttley? :D


Oh, I will be in that penthouse, and I will be loving life free and clean of addictions :)


Michellopy, can I be your Dick Dastardly or even Muttley? :D

lmao....yup consider it a done deal........whatever floats your boat :D


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