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Saturday Morn' day 17

Hey Y'all

I'm doing pretty good this morn, I am enjoying my quiteness before my kids wake up. Every Morning I wake up and immediatley have to tell myself "no, you don't smoke, no cig on the porch" it's getting more and more silent, but still there. Coffee and cigarettes were like brother and sister, breaking that association was tricky for me. I had to cut out coffee the first few days, but it's fine now. Well I hope everyone is doing good on your quits. Keep at it. I need to find a nifty catch phrase like some on here. :)

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Hi you, that's really good. I'm on day 12. I did say earlier today it was much easier...but, maybe that was premature! cravings not so strong...but verree grumpeee today. Tomorrow will be better, and you will be nearer week three, and i will be nearer the end of week two.


Well done :) a lot of people say that about their morning coffee. It really hasn't bothered me as I didn't have my coffee and fag at the same time. So that must be a hard connection to break.

Do you know what though, I always had headaches before and I havnt had a headache since I quit, so that's brilliant. Must have been the fags giving me a headache.


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