No Smoking Day
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Checking in on day 40

Hello everyone,

Hope everyone is well, I am fine, quit is fine and running smoothly along!

Had a tough week at school (cohorts referring to it as hell week) as we had three exams and an essay due in. It was tough, especially as first exams in the program so you do not know what to expect. Also, as we are in an accelerated program we do not have the option to retake any tests, if you fail a module you are out of the program! Well, first exam was a 100% so tonight I am tipsy :)

This week I have also suffered with a cold, and my asthma has been a nightmare because of it. So glad I am no longer smoking as sure it would be far worse! Hoping to sleep well tonight!

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Doing good lass. Don't know about you but when I smoked I did it more when I had a cold - presume just to make me feel better. So well done. :)


Good job, Genes. You just keep going from here and you will be fine!

Some people have found that non-smoking colds are not as heavy and come to an end sooner. Hopefully, that will be the case for you.


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