No Smoking Day
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So this is day 34

Depression and self destructive tendancies. I though that quitting smoking was supposed to make my life better. Instead, I've been drinking more. Not only that, every time I touch a drink I do it compulsively until i'm just "ready" to go home. On top of that, I keep ending up in places that allow smoking indoors, more than I did when I smoked! So now I am depressed, feel alienated from my social groups, drinking heavily, and come home smelling like smoke.

Guess what? I'm still glad I quit.. **** you Nicotine.

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M2, don't beat yourself up. Remember, you're only thirty or so days into undoing a habit that's been - I don't know how long, but I'm betting a good many years - in the making. Most of us replace one compulsive behaviour with another when we quit (for most of us it's eating!) at least for a little while. At least you recognise you're doing it, and you can address that in a little while when you feel stronger.

As for hanging out with smokers and feeling alienated a) hey, how strong are you for being with smokers and not having one? and b) don't feel alienated, feel smug and superior, because you're doing what they, so far, cannot!

Hang in there. Things will settle onto a more even keel soon. You're doing great and you should be proud.



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