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Hi there!

Hi, I've recently joined, but have been lurking for a while now plucking up courage to take the plunge!

I stopped smoking in September, cold turkey. Didn't want NRT as I'd tried that before a couple of years ago and it made my arm hurt :(

This is my 2nd serious quit, and I truly hope I can succeed, fingers crossed.

This site is really amazing for the hints, tips and encouragement that you all provide, it's great that there is such support and camaraderie.

Keep up the good work and stay off the stinky sticks :D

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Hi there Maximoo

just plunge right in! September....that's a long time quit. Big congratulations. I'm on day 10 and finding this forum really helpful, and babbling away all over it. keeps me off the cigarettes. I'm a cold turkey girl too.


Thanks Hilary, I'm pretty chuffed as to how it's going so far, but don't want to get too complacent.

I was amazed how quickly the time has gone, how's it passing for you? Any particular reason why you went CT?