Soon be 5 years smoke free

Hi All

Nearly 5 years smoke free. My Quit Date: 08/03/2007 15:10

I have never looked back and have no desire to smoke again.

I smoked for about 18 years.

The reason i thought of this site today was i have had some work done on my house.

New central heating system.

New kitchen

Double glazing with french doors.

I wasted roughly £10 a day smoking 30 a day.

5 years comes to £18250

So by not smoking this has paid for all the work on my house and some over for a holiday in the summer.

So glad i do not smoke.

Please keep going smoke free.

Andy ;)

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  • A job very well done Andy and a new kitchen as a prize for your savings.


  • I will strive to get there.

    Well Done

  • Hi ,, well done. i am on day 24 and a half . so not to far behind ;)

    I have saved around £110.25 so far.. today has been a struggle because of the "go on just one wont hurt" thought on a constant loop in my head.

    I have like many others found this forum to be a great help and the kick up the backside needed when contemlplatiing "just the one it will be fine" .

    reading posts like yours get the mind back on track,, thanks

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