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Day 33 - still here!

Hi folks,

Just letting you know I am still here and still on cold turkey and still haven't had a cig.

Have been away filming - as I said before, most of the crew smoke and I thought this would prove to be a problem, but I can stand next to them and it doesn't bother me. Walked down a corridor that really reeked of fags because the door was open and this made me think how lucky I was, not smoking any more.

I still get the odd craving now and then and probably will do so for some time to come, but I really deep down don't want one and do have to tell myself sometimes that I am no longer a smoker. However, my brain is saying that I am no longer a smoker and I have done this, this time.

I have added a new string to my tailoring bow - millinery - which keeps me busy and am now trying to lose the weight that I have really bounced on.

I am so proud of myself and everyone else who has quit, so WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Well done!!!!

Keep positive :D


Good news indeed. Keep on keeping on!



Hey there pixie, there you are! well done gal


Thank you very much xxxxxxxxxxxx


Good job, Pixie. Cold Turkey isn't that bad. I started with the patch but after 2 weeks went CT and have never looked back. I have been smoke free for 33 days and loving every breath I can now take.

I truely think that after the first week or two it gets easier. I had a friend tell me that it takes 21 days to break a habit and that is what we are doing, right? I still reach for a fag once in a while. I don't want one, it is just the habit trying to get me to go back to the old ways...not me. I will never pick those things up again. I fought cancer and won (11 year survivour), I have COPD that will never leave me, the fags are not a friend of mine....they are killers and I do not plan on being a victim to them anymore....ppat



thats great to read :)

onwards and upwards is the only way to go


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