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2 weeks tomorrow (how did that happen???)


I'm not quite sure how I've done it but I'll have made it to the end of the 2nd week tomorrow. I'm rather proud of myself, although I am having a helping hand from Champix.

Sometimes it’s a breeze, most of the time it’s the hardest thing I've ever done, but overall every day that I get through makes me happy :)

Hope everyone is doing ok


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2 weeks for me too

Hi Kat24

SNAP!! It's two weeks tomorrow for me too. I am so thrilled I have got this far. I'm on Champix too. I find that Champix does help but only to a certain degree. It takes the "edge" off the cravings but the cravings are still there.

I think the thing I like the most is not having my hair stink of smoke. It actually smells of shampoo now.


Well done Kat.

Hi Kat,

Well done ! can't believe it's two weeks already. Like you having ups and downs , but I think this is the best thing i've ever done and feeling positive. Kat keep up the good work - a month will have gone in before we know it!.




Thanks nonico and pammie.

My next goal (although I am still concentrating on a day at a time) is 1 month. I want to avoid the terrible threes (three weeks) and also try and lengthen the space between goals so I eventually won't need one.

My OH has been generous with his germs and passed his cold on to me, so my sense of smell isn't that good today. But I have found I smell new things every day, including (unfortunately) the bad things and I've realised my cats are really quite stinky :eek:. I can smell a smoker when they walk past me and it makes me shudder to think I smelt that bad. I can even smell if someone has had the post mint after smoking and it doesn't get rid of the smell at all, it just adds to it (if that makes sense).

Anyway I'll stop wittering on, WELL DONE US!


I am two weeks this Saturday off the cigarettes, I've had a few sticky moments when I was desperate for one but I didn't, I'm really starting to notice, different smells as well, my dad was in my house the other day & he was smoking, the smell was making me feel really sick.:eek:


very difficult this evening

Hi well done everyone. I'm day 10 and have done ok apart from finding evenings really hard. OH still smokes, although not in front of me, and about now was our time for having a drink whilst cooking dinner, and having a cig and hanging out. It seems to be getting harder on and off this evening thing, and i really really want one right now. So, he is having a lovely cold beer and a roll up out on the back step....a lovely lovely roll up....and i am slamming pot lids about before coming on here, and munching more carrot sticks, and smoking biros! I'm CT, but know this would be the same whatever method, because its mental gremlins. I think when i did my big quit years ago, my husband at the time had given up, so i haven't dealt with this before.


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