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No Smoking Day
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Month 2

So congratulations to all who have gone through January smoke free, this includes myself and have to say am very proud! As the days and weeks have gone by i have found quitting becoming easier which is good but at the same time am being very cautious and not listen to the fading voice im my head telling me to have a smoke! Onwards and upwards to a smoke free february!

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Hi, you obviously have read and learned much from this site and maybe others, its not easy but does get easier always look over your shoulder for nicodemon (it will be ready for you) but guess what?

did you have good days as a smoker?, even bad days? well have i got news for you!!!!!!! it really is the same as a non smoker but......nicodemon tries to convince you smoking will make it more manageable does it heck, to put it another way that satisfaction of beating that muppet 1 day at a time is so much more worth it and its health, money and risk free so use those non smoking fingers and keep sticking em up to nicomuppet :)

congrats on 1 whole month an ever onwards

never quit quitting

jenni x


Hi Jenni

You're right I still have good and bad days, but I have so much determination to stay smoke free and its this thats driving me on, I hope other people read this post because now matter how hard it is to quit it can be done, the harder part is staying quit but from a personal view I have started to do other things to take my mind of smoking and so far its worked, chewing gum has helped me no end!!:)


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