No Smoking Day
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Day 3 and still going strong- ish

Wow day 3... I can't remember the last time I went this long without smoking! Keep having a few wobbles but generally doing ok.*

Spoke to my Mum last night who's been giving me lots of encouragement and telling me I'll be ok. Made me laugh as its smoking that will kill me not quitting! :-)

Hope all you other day 3ers are doing ok too.

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:D horay!! :)


Congratulations :-)

I'm on day 3 as well, and it's going really well. It already feels nice in the freezing weather for it to not hurt so much to inhale cold air!


Well done Bec :D

You have now nearly eliminated all the nicotine from your system, so from this point on it is mind over matter.

Just focus in your mind that smoking does not matter and that from this point on you are not someone who has quit smoking but someone who does not smoke.



Hey you 3 dayers well done for getting so far enjoy the ride it gets better. Its the best thing u can ever do for yourself.

mash x


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