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Well, here goes

In a few moments I'll be having my last ever cigarette (HOPEFULLY!!). My wife and I have both been on the Champix now since Saturday 14th January and we both decided that we would stop smoking altogether today.

We've both cut down dramatically. I was on 30 roll-ups a day and went down to 20 on the 1st day of Champix, then 14, 15, 11, 11, 9, 8, 6, 5, 4, 2.5 (today). I've been a bit ratty to be honest today, but tomorrow will be a real test.

Does anyone have any suggestions on cravings (even though I hardly get them now) and how to combat them without killing someone?


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Good Luck

Good luck with your quitting. I'm on day 6 now ( with Champix ) & I can tell you what has worked for me. Drinking lots of water & eating mandarins ( why mandarins I don't know ) frequently. Also, deep breathing helps a lot as does exercise. I've been walking / jogging frequently too.

The cravings for me do come & go & I find I have to actively make them subside. I look upon it as a fight!!! Previously when I've tried to quit I've passively observed the cravings & hence they had power over me but now I try to beat them. I see the cravings for what they are - my brain trying to trick me into giving it what it wants even though it's bad for the body.

All the best with quitting - with both of you doing it together it may be better - you can help each other, particularly if the cravings come to each of you at different times.


First of all good luck to you both.

A have a few things I did when I stopped that helped me.

First of all I went to the NHS web site and downloaded an app they have on there which tells you how long it has been since you stopped and how much money you have saved. (I am on day 444 and I still have it on my screen.)

I found this a good motivation tool.

Second Change your habits. E.G. If you enjoyed a smoke after you have your tea then change what you would do. Say you sat in the room for your smoke then you have to go to a different room or even go out of the house till that craving has passed. Going in the shower, running your hands under the tap, washing the pots etc were good cause you could never smoke with wet hands.

Third READ lots and lots and lots of past posts on here to prepare yourselves for how your body deals with what is happening so you dont worry if you can not sleep or your legs get a bit jumpy.

And lastly Straws became my best friend. I would suck on them to get that inhale feeling and then played with it twisting it round my fingers so I had something to do with my hands.

Hope this helps a bit for you and once again GOOD LUCK you have made the best decision of your lives.x


It's started

thank you for your helpful tips. I have been monitoring the posts, on here, as my wife and I reduced the number of cigs we smoked over the last 9 days. To be honest the cravings are pretty much non-existant so I don't know if I am lucky or whether they will start.

We have thrown away all the ciggy stuff, lighters ashtrays etc etc but one thing we have noticed is our ability to smell better. The ashtray stunk, even though it was six feet away. Our clothes stunk, our fingers stunk and after our last cig yesterday our mouths tasted horrendous.

We are both very determined to stop, and since this is our real day 1 I'm pretty confident we'll get through. I shall have to see how the Champix goes with our bodies over the coming days, but I know I have been a bit more ratty, especially at work.


Day 121:

Good luck to you both, get informed, read read read and then read some more.

neva quit quitting


All the best

Hi Hopeful

I didn't get any cravings for the first couple of days then they started!!!! That's when the deep breathing came in - it also helps me with irritability.

Like you, I'm on Champix. I will say although I may feel like a cigarette, the cravings are nothing like when I used to try & quit cold turkey. I think it's more my lack of recreating myself as a non smoker in my own mind & taking my mind off it. Champix certainly does take the edge off giving up cigarettes.

Good luck - I'm on day 6 now - you will be over day 1 soon then I think you are officially a non smoker. ( by my rules anyway)


Wow - what a woman!!!

"And then one day, my wife turned into this remarkable creature that could sit on the end of a broom stick and take off. She could actually achieve flight- Dave Lyons"

I bet she was an ex smoker!!! Achieving flight would be a piece of cake after giving up smoking. Rich too. Saving money on cigarettes AND air fares.


Ha ha

lol very good Nonico. Well no cig still, and no real cravings as yet.... Standing at the bus stop this morning, people smoking nearby made me feel angry. How dare someone smoke near me, I don't want to inhale their disgusting fumes... lol OMG I'm an ex-smoker....but for how long



Day 121:

... luckily she flew right out my life :cool:


When people smoke near me I feel sick, its a great reminder why I quit.

Keep the faith

neva quit quitting.


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