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Failed :(

Hi All,

It's my first post on here (although I have been reading the forum for a while). Had my last cig Monday evening.. Things were going alright(ish). Have been thinking about cigarettes A LOT (they say people have on average 5 cravings a day? I have about 5 an hour...) over the last few days but didn't smoke. It took all my willpower. I'm 28, been smoking since I was 14 - about 20-30 cigs for the last few years. This is my second serious attempt.

Having said that, I just failed miserably :-( Had a big argument with my partner, felt very emotional.. and just couldn't resist. I'm taking Champix. I know it's not a "wonder drug" and you still have to have the willpower but I am currently feeling like a complete failure. "If I can't even resist when taking Champix, how will I ever be able to quit?" - is what is (one of the things) going through my mind. The cigs taste horrible, but I still smoke them.

Currently wondering if I should "start over in a few weeks" or if I should continue not smoking tomorrow. I don't want to smoke but feel like I have already failed in this attempt, so what's the point?

Not sure why I am posting this - I guess I needed to get things off my chest. That, and maybe I am looking for people who can share their experience? Words of encouragement? Not sure, really. Anyway... felt good "typing" this all down. Thanks for reading :-)


Steph xxx

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Hi Steph

Sounds like you've had a rubbish day. Don't feel like a failure. It's tough going. I know ive been ridiculously emotional, i think that's fairly 'normal'. :D

I'm only on day 8 but day 4 really was crap! I don't know about champix, so can't offer any advice on that but I think keep going. It's only a blip and you'll have to psych yourself up all over again to stop.

Keep going!




1st off you have acknowledged what it was that set you off.

That in itself is Great! Now this is telling you what will trigger you NEXT time!

If you feel comfortable with it, yes start again tomorrow. If not, set a new

date. I would suggest the Nicoderm Step 1 patch. This is working for me.

If I have a fit or get stressed and think I am craving, I pop a lozenge

under the works every time thus far. I am on Day 9.

Don't be so hard on yourself...learn from this!

Its part of the ride up!!! God bless! :)


Hi Steph,

I'm very much a newbie, but day 4 was really hard for me, so if you struggled I really understand.

If you really, really want this, you will dust yourself down and start again.

Only you can know what your heart wants.

Whatever, don't do the guilt thing. I'm on my third quit (it feels real this time) and I refuse to feel bad about other failures.

Give yourself some tlc and really focus on the motivators.

Take care.


By the sweetie...just get back on it!!!

Put your game face on babe!!!! :mad: Its all good!!! Im rooting for ya!:)


Steph, nicotine is an absolute bitch to quit, learn from your attempt, think about how you felt on day 4 and try and prepare yourself for your next quit. My opinion is if you fall of your bike, get up dust youself off and get back on it straight away. This quitting business is soooo damn dificult, but hey IT IS POSSIBLE come on girl you can do it!!




no doubt ,straight back on it with your quit today,dont look at it as a failure,(which is what it'd be if you went back smoking again) treat it as a blip,most of us have them.I quit for a whole 8 hrs on monday lol! made me feel so cross that i went to the doctors for champix and i'm on day 4 of them,at least you've identified where you went wrong and that can only be good,hang in there and keep at it!


Look at it like this....whenever to learn to do something you are bound to fall once or twice. When you learned to ride a bike, you fell didn't you? Well, did you quit learning or get back on the bike. What are your reasons for quitting? Day 16 I got the most awesome motivator possible to stay quit. My 5 year old grand daughter thanked me for quitting. When the urge is bad, just think of why you want to quit. Know that we are all with you in this and whatever you do....

Never quit quitting!!!

Day 21 and loving it...ppat


Thank you so much guys :-)

Happy to report that I haven't touched any cigarettes today. I don't even want to smoke!


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