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New to Champix

Hello everyone. My wife and I have decided we needed to stop smoking. 3 main reasons, health, money and our daughter. We have tried in the past and both started again not long after trying, so this time we decided we were going to go to the docs to see what help and advice they could give. I was nervous about stopping as I've been on the tabs for 25 years (I'm only 37 years old!!!) and I have been smoking 25 on a work day and 30-40 on a Saturday and Sunday. We both smoke roll-ups.

We saw the nurse last Friday, and after an hours consulation, we decided to try Champix. Is sounded good, and different from all the other things on the market that simply haven't worked (or maybe we hadn't tried hard enough). Anyway, we started the first Champix tablets on Saturday, and straight away we could both feel the effects. We have been keeping a record of the number of cigarettes we have both smoked each day and so far I have cut my number down dramatically. Sat I smoked 20 (and we had a night of drinking with my sister and her husband), Sun I smoked 14, 15 last night and so far today I have had 7 cigarettes. My wife has halved her cigarettes.

We start on 2 0.5mg tablets today, so all I was looking for are numbers on how many people managed to quit on Champix, and how long people were on Champix before they quit. I have read a lot on line about the horrors of the drug, but after reading experiences on this forum I do feel a lot better. Oh, one other thing, should you drive on these?

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Hey hopeful and your OH welcome to this wonderful forum. You will receive and read lots of great advice and meet some new friends.

I quit with Champix, like you had my doubts because of the horror stories, I'm not saying it's for everyone but for me it has been a wonderdrug, yes I've had some side effects and yes it's been a journey and a half so far, but then remember you are giving up a habit and addiction that's been with you for years.

There is a social group for Champix users on here, which is also good to read and join.

All in all stay positive, keep with it, it is worth it and you will feel so proud of yourselves as you go along, you'll have highs and lows but the highs far outweigh the lows.

Good luck :D


Ultimately everyone is different but they tend to give you an initial two week slot in which to stop smoking, then it's just onto the Champix. I stopped towards the end of the two weeks but others on here (from what I've read) stopped a lot earlier when smoking no longer did it for them.

Personally I don't drive but I wouldn't like to in the first 20-30 mins after taking my morning tablet, makes me feel a little bit groggy and. But after that period it soon passes.

It's important to set expectations though, it's not a wonder drug and personally I've failed a few times on Champix. However it's not Champix fault that I failed, it was my fault that I failed!! So I'm on Champix again because I know at least it gets me to a point where I then take over - and through educating myself I can then fly solo.

Best of luck to you and the other half, if you want it enough then you'll do it :)


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