Day 16!

Hi fellow ex-smokers:D

Had a really bad day yesterday,fell out with hubby,ended up telling him to leave...he went out for an hour,came back and Id calmed down..told me since I stopped smoking iv been a nightmare to live with :eek:...

Think it could be the champix as if I really think about it I have been feeling a lot more down lately..thought I was doing ok as the irritable feelings had gone after week 1.

Anyway woke up today and felt much more positive,perhaps I just needed a good rant and cry..been back to my jolly old self,good mummy and nice wife :D.

Need to keep on the positives now as im scared of upsetting my family..anyone else had an out of character moment since you stopped? x

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  • Hi Clare

    Definitely experienced all those feelings including falling out with the OH. I have put it down to quitting and not necessarily just the Champix, I stuck with it and now off the Champix as I'd done my course. To be honest I think some of it is because I am spending more time with people instead of disappearing for a fag and surprisngly some of them irritate the sh*t out of me lol :D

    Keep positive :)

  • Haha Sara,Im with you there...I think when the kids were playing up Id just pop out for a cig to calm down and now its like I have no escape haha..really need to think of something else to get my 5 minute breaks now and again! x

  • I have been irritable also. I have been on the patch and I have broke out in rashes and welts. Today I decided to not put the patch on and see if I could do it cold turkey. SO far, I am still smoke free.But, I really haven't been around my OH yet today either. We shall be in the car together soon with him smoking of course so we shall see how it goes....ppat

  • Hi well done on quit :), its not a champix thing it truly is just a nicodemon thing i have been hell to live with and still having my moments!!! they are getting better and fewer but i think if we looked hard enough stats would say ?% of quitters should be divorced lol.

    however makes you grateful to oh's for thier understanding not sure smoking me could do same in return, however think i could defo show more compassion and patience now.


    ;) jenni x

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