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champix help

hello all

Am 1 month done and am totally on my own no patches doctor advised me to stop the champix for now and my eyesight has returned to normal after 1 and a half weeks problem is im right on the verge of folding but dont want to was thinking it is because i have stopped the champix and is now out of my system or mostly due to eyesight problem returning for a second time in a row so i think it is going to quickly come down to smoking or champixing as ive had some bad bouts of trying to justify and reason with myself to start up again am thinking of seriously going back to champix

Any help would be helpful



1 month

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Hey Gra,

I think your question should be separated into 2. Obviously members here would say not to restart smoking...plainly that would be ridiculous advice on a No Smoking Forum. Regarding going back to champix...that's for your doctor to help with.

Your doctor should also be consulted regarding your eye concerns. I've never heard or read the side effects of taking champix manifesting that way.

The thing with champix is that it starts one off onto their quit but is not the final solution. Same thing with NRT despite some stating otherwise. Each quitter has to take that forward and successfully quit smoking. That's when reading and education comes to the fore and hence why the vast majority of long term quitters on this forum advocate doing so.

One month is a great position to be in and certainly an even better position to be moving forward from than day 1.

Keep on keepin' on,



Hi Gra,

Have you considered trying a different form of NRT? There's lots of options.

I wasn't offered Champix, or even patches, by my GP -- very unusual, seeing as how I was a very heavy smoker for a long time with no previous quit attempts. All I was offered was a nicotine inhaller -- it seems to be working well for me, though; I'm well into month 2 and still using it.


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