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One Year on 16 01 12

It will be a year for me on Mon 16th jan! I did it with Champix which was great for me as previous attempts with nico replacement and willpower were futile for me... I feel proud that I can now go weeks without even thinking of smoking.

The forum was fab in the early days, I looked at the posts and it was great to get support and suggestions. My first Xmas and new years eve as a nonsmoker was strange but I more than made up for it with bubbly!:D

Out of a group of about 10 of us at work who gave up using various means, nico replacement and cold turkey, I am the only one who has stayed off them. My boss has since tried Champix and has not smoked since sept. I have tips if you need any to combat some of the side effects of Champix.

Whichever way you are trying good luck to you. I have put on some weight but I think that has something to do with taste buds coming back to life!

I hope to post again this time next year and I hope, having been a smoker for over 30 years, that you can see that it can be done.:D. Off now for some celebration curry!!

Hope to post again next jan.

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Nice one flossie - luckily this penthouse has magic tardis-like qualities, otherwise it would be getting FULL!

Enjoy the curry. You deserve it.

Helen xxx


Well done, glad you made it, feels good doesn't it. I did it with Champix as well. Worked wonders for me.


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