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Day 8

Would normally have been up at 6am on a Sat, the little monster tends to do that to you, wife moaning at me for getting up to early. Now lolled in bed till 8.30 and getting moaned at for being a sloth.

At a wedding this afternoon, staying in a hotel. I would normally be stressing on how the hell that works for sneaking out to feed addiction. "wheres dad", can they smell it, will mum in law clock me etc etc so aim to enjoy.

I have never been on any sort of forum before and it has amazed me reading the entries and the realisation of the misery this lot causes for loads of people.

I have read Alan Carr, used Zyban in previous attempts but allowed myself to drift back. Definateley 1 day at a time, but it is so obviously the right thing to do it is untrue.

Well done to everyone still on it, dipsticks like me who had a daft half get back on it and keep the faith - may the force be with you

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Day 8 is far so good. Yesterday I had issues, but did not smoke. I am so looking forward to everyday NOT wanting to smoke..Yes I have my patch on! If I have a craving, I am ready with a lozenge ready to pop under the tongue! I am drinking plenty of WATER....flush my system out...get rid of all the toxins.... Had I known it would be this easy, and I type this loosely, I would have DONE THIS SOONER!!!! Gheeesh! Again, this is what I am doing:

Patch all day, taken off @ nite. Lozenge when needed. Snacks all day..a real meal for dinner. Snacks are thin beef jerky strips, tropical fruit mix w/ peanuts. Lots of water. Mix it up with pretzels or chips...Hot chocolate in the might want coffee. This is what I am doing...No weight gain thus far. This website is also helping..reading all the threads is helpful...

God bless. ;)


Well done for day 8 AndrewG and welcome to the forum.

Smoking was the prime thing I learnt at uni too....that and how to increase your alcohol tolerance. This forum has been ace and has helped me stay quit. Hope the wedding is going well....?on to the dancing now? or if you're like my family they'll still be on the speeches. Keep on trucking, you;re doing really well.

Keep on trucking.

Lisa x


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