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Ive read a few post lately that i have related to in the past! members feeling cruddy about themselves because they are smoking again and giving it another go! For once I dont fit into this part (halleluia).....

I am posting because i feel its not just the people who are quitting that need the encouragement, help or a friendly word. But the ones who are thinking about quitting perhaps have just broken that quit from smoking! ........No one really knows what that person is feeling about this unless they have felt it.... people quit for many reasons, people begin smoking again perhaps for 1 or 2 reasons, the thought firstly comes into the mind! ..." i want a cig today"....Except it feels a little worse and you know you are going to smoke today! dont waste any soon as you are able to the deed is done ..........the after thoughts are the baddies! youve spent so much time nurturing your mind, body and soul into this quit! and now its a all gone, just because you wasnt strong enough! ..strength comes from within remember?? of course it does! then if it was so easy ...then why do the best of us take so many tries at it? ......... ... I have strength to face that snotty shop assistant with a return, strength to face the childrens school with a complaint! strength to shout out loudly what i believe is wrong with the world! ...strength to carry on with my job that i despise, the strength to keep that dental appointment, the strength to learn new things! and take my failing in my stride.... the list is endless of what we find the strength and courage to do and do it so well without question... so whats the difference with keeping the strength to carry on not smoking?.............

Well the difference is... choice! a lot of things we face up to in life is far worse then not smoking a cigarette! except a lot of the time we do not have a choice in the things we have the strength to do....We find the strength because we have to! ..... Packing in smoking is such a complex thing to do as we all know...our body craves the nicotine to begin with..then craves the memory!............ .....The ammount of people I have heard say " god i wish they would just ban cigarettes then i couldnt buy erm then i would have no choice" ........ I know ive thought this myself many a time! So because of choice the battle, strength and determination is that bit harder! as with any addiction..alcohol, food, drugs etc! for us not to smoke is something to be very proud of! i know that word is used a lot on here! but it need saying, because it is a big thing to do.

Gone round the houses again haha! but what im saying is (even you smoking over there with your brew) .... dont be disheartened if your smoking or you cant get onto a quit! you will, because in the darkness of the anxiety levels and complete fed up feeling why you are are already changing! you are in control.... you can make your next choice anytime that you want too! make it a good one!

Would be good to hear anyones elses views.?

Thanks for listening

just to say well done everyone wherever they happen to be up to! :)

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Great post KK

and very thought provoking i was nodding my head along with what you was saying you def have a way with words

as you say everyone is different and everyone has to have the choice to quit be it 10 quits down the way

you need to draw aline under those other quits as beating yourself up about failed attempts gives your brain an excuse to get your defences down and persuades you that you need a ciggy

that ciggy isnt goint to change the situation your in it might give you a short respite then your back thinking why have i done this again

its a vicious circle going round and round which has to be broken

also the association to smoking as in most situations thats what you would normally do

the choice is do i want this white poisonous stick that costs me money to be in control of me or do i choose to take the control back

if you choose to quit you have to take that control back and keep reminding yourself that your have quit and ignoring those inner voices and taking each day as it comes along and keep remembering you dont smoke anymore

i used reminders on my phone going off ever hour for the first few days and then i slowly made the time longer it got to a stage that when it went of i thought i hadnt even thought about smoking so changed it again

educating yourself in the ways of mindset and control will help and every day making a vow that you wont smoke today and if you get a crave give yourself afew hours come on here and post or read it does get easier and the longer you stay quit the benefits of quitting are amazing

its not hard to retrain your brain into thinking it dont need a ciggy to get it through the day but obviously there are parts that will remember but the longer you stay quit the weaker these parts will become

i know that saying "use it or loss it"

is so true

onwards and upwards is the way to go


Thanks Carol for views:) inspiring! your right with the vicious circle part! quitting needs to be worked at! and not taken for granted! and control does feel good! if anyone actually likes spending money on smoking! then they are mad!!? or too rich to notice!

i love my quit for now thanks Karri, got through the mother of all occasions! so feeling on cloud 9 at the moment!! ...I fought a lot of memories this time! god im hard ;) LOL ....................... but im here ....and nothing bad happened!....... yay!!:cool: Hows you getting on?


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