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No Smoking Day
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Hello month 3!!

Oh my gawd!! Woke up this mornng and realised that today it is 2 months so into month 3 I go!

Going out to celebrate tonight by having a curry and not going to have to stand outside in the freezing weather that turned up on our doorstep this morning :)

It has so far been a journey that I did not anticipate, give up the fags and that's that? Noooo chance, I have learnt so much about myself and other people if I'm honest and our relationship with the fags.

My OH and daughter are still smokefree, how we are still living in the same house and talking is a miracle but we are and now reaping the benefits of not smoking (apart from the increasing waistline lol ), been to the cinema, out for meals, started swimming and walking, it has I can honestly say changed my life, just wish I'd seen the light years ago..

I truly wish everyone on this forum all my positive thoughts and cyber hugs, big applause, huge celebrations for giving up the dreaded weed and salute you all, you have been my friends and counsellors all in one go.

I have been for my chest x-ray and blood tests, await the results, keeping positive and in perspective now, no point in worrying until I have something to worry about :D

Off now to buy myself a little treat, like a book and CD instead of fags!!!

Penthouse seems a little closer now.....

Keep positive everyone :D



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Well done Sara - month 3 will fly by:D


Well done Sara, keep it up.



Brill keep it up....the penthouse awaits our drinks order :-)



Great to read such a positive post, Sarah - well done for getting through your first two months!

All you need to do now is to continue to nurture that quit - don't let anything hurt it, because it is precious. :o It's a bit like raising a child, really. You have to love it at all times, but know when you need to be firm if it is wanting to do something silly.

Fingers crossed for the test results - will be thinking of you. xxx


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