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Day 10 First Post

I am really proud of myself as day 10 begins smoke free. I used to smoke 10 Hamlet cigars per day at a cost of almost £10 per pack so already have saved the best part of £100.

Also this is the second time that I have quit smoking. The first was after suffering a heart attack aged 48. I quit then for 8 months but started again 2 years ago. This time I have quit without the need for a heart attack.

Already the benefits are evident. I can breathe deeply, I do not wake up craving a smoke, I feel less stressed, I have a sense of freedom not having to plan my day around smoking.

It was not easy at all but found the quick mist nicotine spray invaluable ofr the first 3 days. After that I also gave up the spray. It took will power and determination. I was severely tempted to smoke again but managed to resist.

One technique I used to resist the temptation was to put up grahic pictures of heart and lung disease around the house and as my wallpaper on my P.C.

The negative aspects are as follows:

I was irritable for the first week

I now am constipated

Apart from that all is good and self esteem has risen.

So my rationale is that if I can do 10 days, then I can do another 10 days. At 20 days I can then do another 20 days and so on. This is how I got through the first 2 days. If I can do one day then I can do the same again and so on. This helps to break down the task into manageable chunks of time.

Thats all for now. Good luck to all who are taking this immense step.

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Hi Ian and welcome to a great forum :)

your post is coming across as very positive which is always the best frame of mood to be in and your doing good with your mindset of telling yourself you can go another 10/20 days

just keep in check that when you do get a craving keep mind and hands busy and it will pass

so what you going to treat yourself to will all this money your saving :D

onwards and upwards is the way to go


Jeeeez. £10 per day? I thought my £7.04 per day was bad! Yea, the amount of cash you save really adds up over time. I've been quit since boxing day and it's well over £125 already.

What I did for a little extra motivation is buy something I definitely cannot afford as a smoker, and think about it when I feel a crave coming on! i.e. I can't afford to buy the cigs until I've paid off the gadget :p.


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