No Smoking Day
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Glad to have made it (almost) through day 3!

Well, I'm still here, thank goodness... Day 3 was fine for the most part, didn't even think about cigs most of the day, which surprised me... can't believe how tired I am though. Is this a normal side effect of quitting? Colleague gave me a Berocca thing to drink and it really perked me up, must buy some for tomorrow, would recommend for anyone else feeling sluggish during this, works a treat... House to myself tonight so nothing to distract me, which is making me feel a bit edgy and crave a bit, but will soldier through and keep going.. Bring on day 4!! Hope everyone else is staying strong!! x

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Well done you :D that is one side effect to stopping

Thats a great tip ive seen it advertised on tv but wasnt sure if it worked or not might get some as i cant seem to shift a yukky cold been feeling really tired lately

Hope you have a nice evening


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