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Champix - Day 1

Hi All,

Newbie here! I have just taken my 1st does of Champix following several failed NRT, cold turkey and hypnotism attempts!

Bit of Background: Im 23, started smoking at 11 (:eek:) and now smoke 15-20 a day. Really want and need to quit, after getting married, and looking to start TTC its time to give up the fags.

Has anyone else been on Champix and could share an experience?

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Hi - welcome to the forums :)

Nice one on your decision to quit.

I have tried champix but it did send me a bit cuckoo so unfortunately I couldn't continue with it. HOWEVER I know people on here and in real life who have been very successful with with it - everyone is different.

Write down your reasons why you want to quit and keep them with you - in your wallet? Close by, then when you are having a craving have a read through to help reinforce why you quit in the first place.

All the best with your quit :)


HOWEVER I know people on here and in real life QUOTE]

ha ha, Tinks, I love it....are WE not "real life" lol ;)

Anyway, yes, I was on the Champix for 2 weeks but I had some weird and wonderful side affects and just wasnt happy with it. However, it did prove to me that I COULD survive 2 weeks without a ciggie....soooo that had to be good. I decided to go Cold Turkey and hey ho, here I am at 81 days quit :D

So what I am saying is, that yes, Champix does help some people in different ways, even if you only use it as a spring board.

Good Luck with your quit


:D I tend to deem this as the virtual world, although I have met some fabulous people on here over the years who I now call my real life friends :)


Hi Deanna88,

I recently quit with Champix. I only took them for roughly just over 2 weeks as the 1mg were too strong for me and I didnt like the side effects. Although I do believe they are the only reason I managed to quit this time as they got me through the worst of the quit so I was strong enough to carry on the rest of the quit cold turkey. Good Luck!


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