No Smoking Day
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Hooray and Arghhhh!

Right - this is it, into day 1!!

I have been here before (on a number of occassions!), but this time it is going to happen!

This has not been well planned. I had planned to give up in early November, started taking Champix, didnt like it all, and had a major work crisis that meant I never actually stopped at all!

Now I have a dreadful cold, and this morning thought that only a mad, addicted sucker would want to smoke feeling the way I do! So I went to the chemists. So, I now have NRTs, some herbal sleeping aids and, I hope, a bit of attitude for this!

I also have, from November, a good, and very solid, list of reasons to stop smoking and an empty list of reasons to carry on.

But I can already feel the 'junkie' talk, which I know at one level is just the withdrawal and is very positive, but at another level I know is very insistent and powerful. So, any encouragement, words of advice, strategies etc. would be much appreciated :)

I really want this to happen,


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All right mate, good luck and keep going when you feel its getting beyond the joke with symptoms as they come and go, easy days hard days just take one at a time.


Good Luck Gav. It's Day 1 for me too, and like you I have been here many times before.

Look forward to seeing you on Day 2.

Razz x


come on come you you can do it go man go!!!!!!!


Well done to you and all the best with your quit. My advice would be to read about smoking, quitting etc. Jackie has some great links in her signature.

Also treat the nicomonster 'it' as your worst enemy, we wouldn't feed our enemies right so why feed it.

Good luck x


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