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Day 7 are electric fags kinda cheating?

Had a tough week,but got to day 7 phew....I have just got my electic nucig fake fags through the post,they contain nicotine but no other chemicals.Produce smoke ( thats what I miss alot ),something todo with water vapour.Anyway just feel abit like am still smoking and therefore cheating?stupid as it isn't a real fag I know but don't wanna feel addicted to these things now,anyone else used them?am also on the gum and inhaler x

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Thats what am thinking Karrie,may just use it for those intense cravings ( which are definatley happening less and less ).Or I thought on a night out drinking,got my first one next week,so think will be useful then x x


Hiya mumi.As Karri said that's a Hell of a lot of nicotine to be putting into your body. Why do you need inhalator and the ecig? I would have thought the ecig would be enough. Do you have a stop smoking nurse to ask for advice? As for the ecig being cheating, if it works and it helps you to quit, without becoming addicted to it, then all well and good. David

Have a read of This


Thanks David,yes don't need all 3 lol,gonna leave the gum and choose between the other 2,think there is a cartridge with the ecig that has no nicotine so may get some more of those.Don't have a quit nurse,just found this site so you are my nurses lol x


hi there

i use am e cig and i don't consider it cheating. whatever it is it isn't smoking. and i should think its a lot easier to give up than smoking. you can also wean yourself off the nicotine as well. a few years ago i got addicted to the lozenges . nicotine is nicotine but at least with the e cig you are not breathing in the other harmful and addictive chemicals found in cigarettes.


switching to the e cig

switching to the e cig can be difficult because of the missing wta s . which are the other addictive chemicals in tobacco. the e cig is much the same as nrt . you won't get a buz off an e cig but will get relief from withdrawal. rapidly.


Its definately not cheating as you aren't smoking cigarettes. Saying they are cheating is like telling everyone on nrt that they are cheating.

As has been said above dont overdo the nicotine though, I would choose between the inhaler and the e gig but not us both.

Good Luck



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