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Day 6,first time to shops!


Well have done brilliant so far,no cravings as such,no withdrawal,just the side effects of the Champix (nausea and headaches)...been fine at work,fine at home,fine at friends (smokers) houses.

Then this morning I go in to town to sort a few things out,bank,post office,shops etc. I was dying for a smoke the whole time I was there,I dont no what came over me,dont no if it was the comfort thing of I usually walk round with a cig or if I was actually craving..aaahh,dont want that to happen again!

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first of well done on getting to day 6 Clare your doing so well :D

your going to get alot of craves associated to your normal regualar daily life they arnt really nicorette cravings just your mind thinking something is missing and thinking i normally smoke a ciggy when i do this they will get weaker as your brain will re adjust to not associating you doing things with smoking

you can do this try and distract your mind and keep hands busy when it hits you

onwards and upwards



Try some gum and a squashy ball, soo distracting.

Yea I had a problem with Tesco for a few days! That's where I always buy/bought my ciggies you see. Felt odd to go there and buy things and then bypass the cigarette counter on the way out. Defo grist to the mill when it comes to craves as well.

You did brilliantly to ignore them :p.

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